Jack Wills Outdoor Living

Furniture Beyond Compare

With amazing products and a family-owned business, Jack Wills has been a pillar of the community across the nation for furniture sales. They pride themselves on exquisite and comfortable outdoor furniture.

To showcase their stock, Aqua Vita held several photo and video shoots. The clean, image-based website design features their products so customers can explore the inventory. Aqua Vita also set up marketing campaigns with specific landing pages to bring clients in and keep sales moving.

Website Design

We built the Jack Wills website on WordPress with fast-loading page content and integrated tracking software.

Furniture Photography

We took high-quality photos and videos of Jack Wills furniture in order to give them a competitive edge on their website.

SEO Optimization

Because Jack Wills holds many sales events, we designed landing pages specifically geared to generate leads.

Furniture Website Design

Furniture Photography

Furniture Videography

Client Feedback

  • “The website is driving in customers, and I believe it is worth continuing to invest in. Customers referencing our website far more than ever.”Tommy Norman, Sales Manager