McCallum & Sons Drywall Company Shows A Solid Structure With Video & Website

by | Jun 21, 2023

Time for an Upgrade

McCallum & Sons is a multi-generational drywall company that has been serving northeastern Oklahoma for more than 20 years. They’d come to us for a website originally back in 2016, and while the site had served them well, it was definitely a product of its time.

It was time for a new website that was more responsive, included more video, and made it easier for them to update content whenever they wanted.

The Videos – Drone Shoots and Interviews

We did two different video shoots for this project. The first one was a location shoot where we got up close and personal with the drywall work that they were doing, and it also included drone flyovers of a couple of different projects. We put the whole thing together into a header video they can showcase on their website.

For our second video, we sat down with Mike and Josh McCallum, the father-and-son pair that owns and operates the company, and talked about their history, how they work, who they’ve worked with, and what makes them stand out. These interview shoots are always enlightening, and we get to learn so much about our clients.

After this shoot, we picked out the best bits of the interview, added in our B-roll from the location shoot, and had a great new video they can use to promote their company.

The Website

We went through their previous website and asked ourselves one big question: how can we take what they do and make it more eye-catching?

The answer came in multiple parts. First, we used the drone video we’d made as a header background. Then as we were building the new site, we integrated more animations, including a counter that they can easily update that shows just how many square feet of drywall they’ve installed (22 million as of this writing).

We also included their crest as a style element in various backgrounds, subtly reinforcing their brand throughout, and completely updated the gallery technology we were using to show off their work.

We also added an actual portfolio to their website, where they can add projects as they work on them, as well as a featured project slider to the home page.

The client wanted a lot of bells and whistles, and we did our best to deliver!

In the end, the new site is a vast upgrade over the previous one. It’s easier to use for the client, it’s more attractive to the end user, and it does a much better job of showing off what they can do.

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