Nephrology Specialists of Oklahoma

Compassionate Medical Care

As with any medical care provider, our first priority with NSOK was serving the patients. Providing a calm, competent first impression for an elderly patient base meant we had to consider their perspective. For patients with poor eyesight, pain and disorientation — each task had to be as simple as possible.

We also wanted to give caregivers a chance to meet the physicians, find the right resources, and understand what to expect through the process. At the end of their visit to the site, they needed to have confidence in the level of care their parents would receive with NSOK.

Medical Website Design

We built the Nephrology Specialists of Oklahoma website on WordPress and incorporated professional photography of their staff and location for a warm, personal touch.

Location & Portrait Photography

We did the location and portrait photography for Nephrology Specialists of Oklahoma, for use on their website and throughout their marketing.

Medical Website Design