Orion Systems

On-Target Surveys & Assessments

Some of the biggest corporations in the world rely on Orion’s pre-employment assessments and anonymous employee surveys.

Thanks to the many different industries that Orion serves, we had a wide range of graphics and iconography to choose from. Their system also generates its own statistics, so we had excellent proof of successes to highlight.

Brand Design

We created the logo and style guide for Orion Systems to match their company’s atmosphere.

Website Design

We built the Orion Systems website on WordPress using Google best practices: responsive design, fast-loading page content, and integrated tracking software.

Collateral Design

We designed brochures, banners, and other collateral to give Orion a competitive edge.

Client Feedback

  • “It looked so good, and it was so easy. It’s perfect.”Don Guy, President

  • “For myself and all at Orion Systems, we are truly appreciative of all you have done. Again, I appreciate your efforts very much.”Don Guy, President

Website Design

Collateral Design