Southwestern Payroll

Best Payroll Company Ever

Southwestern Payroll is a payroll company built on excellence. They strive to give their customers the best experience possible while maintaining incredible payroll services.

In addition to being the top in their field, Southwestern Payroll has a quirky workplace atmosphere that sets them apart. In order to keep that feel, Aqua Vita designed a fun logo and stylish website that helped clients and employees to find what they needed.

Brand Design

We created the logo, style guides, signage, and business cards for Southwestern Payroll.

Website Design

We built the Southwestern Payroll website on WordPress with fast-loading page content and integrated tracking software.

Portrait Photography

We shot fun and unique photos of the team to use throughout the website and for marketing purposes.

Client Feedback

  • “I respect you guys and really like you.”Darin Alred, President

  • “We continue to receive great feedback on the new website look from our clients."Samantha Hartanovich, Secretary

  • “I love the video. It communicates serious information, keeps it light, keeps it fun. I think it accomplishes the point well.”Darin Alred, President

  • “Thank you so much for all you did to make today fantastic! Everyone had a great time and you guys were awesome to work with.”Samantha Hartanovich, Secretary

Payroll Website Design

Portrait Photography

Payroll Sizzle Reel