Do The Right Thing: The Gold Standard Wrap

by | Sep 29, 2020

George Brining with Vehicle Wrap

The Gold Standard in Honey

When it comes to honey, George Brining knows his business. George has brought Gold Standard Honey from a few hives in his back field to a booming business of excellent honey sold in grocery stores across the US with the highest standard of honey-labeling in the industry.

Every jar of Gold Standard Honey clearly details exactly what pollens, minerals, and nutrients are contained inside.

So when George wanted a business wrap for his vehicle, we knew he set the bar high. We set out to create something eye-catching, easy to read on the street, and affordable.

In addition to those requirements, he wanted the rear window left alone to keep visibility at a maximum. He also needed the wrap to be easily removable, so he could sell the vehicle without a problem when he was ready to upgrade.

Relationships That Matter

After the design and approval process, we dropped it off for the installation, and George and I went to breakfast to wait for the pickup call.

Since we work together on his many projects, this time was spent gaining deeper insights into his current organizational goals and challenges.

When Stuff Happens, We Do the Right Thing

When we took him back to pick up the van, we noticed a misspelling in the URL in the back window. That was our fault, so we paid to have the design removed, corrected and reprinted in under three hours.

After the final fitting, we checked the work personally, and it met our standard. As you can see, it even brought a smile. And I smiled behind the camera. Because in the end, relationships matter the most of all.