Website & Video Bring Oklahoma Disciples Foundation to Life

by | Jan 16, 2024

Oklahoma Disciples Foundation Website Design

Renewing a Bright Light in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Disciples Foundation administers more than 160 endowment funds with assets of more than $31 million. Their grants support a variety of causes: adult day care centers, education for refugee children, foster child support, providing food for thousands around the state, and more.

Their old website failed to capture the wide range of causes supported by the Foundation. They needed to show their work in communities around the state and explain their donor-directed fund options.

Plus, they needed multimedia support for their presentations to congregations, promoting the Foundation and educating future donors.

That’s where Aqua Vita came in. 

Responsive Website Design to Spread the Word

When people click on the Oklahoma Disciples Foundation website now, they’re greeted with the smiling faces of the people who benefit from the Foundation’s support.

In addition to the new videos, we gave the website a modern facelift, including brighter colors and bigger (and newer) pictures. Subtle animations and other little detail touches engage users and make the presentation more pleasing to the eye.

We built the site according to Google responsive website standards. So the site looks good, no matter which device you’re using to view it.

For donors, we focused on showing how the Foundation helps donors achieve their specific goals and create a lasting legacy. We also significantly upgraded the Ways to Give page, making it easier for everyone to see the numerous ways they can support the Foundation and their work. 

Videography That Tells a Story

Videos anchored our new approach. In just a few seconds, footage showcasing multiple communities showed how a simple donation can impact hundreds of lives across Oklahoma. Top donors shared their reasons for trusting the Foundation to steward their funds. 

Our video work took a two-pronged approach: we interviewed donors who gave to the Foundation and also the nonprofit organizations who received grants. Potential donors could see why other people chose to give, and get a glimpse of organizations their donations would help support.

The video shoots also provided shorts to share on social media. Longer form clips supported presentations, and short background videos added movement and life to the website.