Fair Haven Foundation

The Results


Unique Visitors


Website Traffic

In Donations in 6 Months

Client Feedback

I really love our website. I get lots of compliments on it. It’s been such a huge asset for us in the last two years.

People are signing up for monthly donations, and that’s working out really well. I love what we’re doing with the sponsors too. I’m really happy.

—Amanda Milner, Executive Director

The Strategy

Fair Haven Foundation is an Indiana-based nonprofit that provides housing to people traveling to Indianapolis for critical medical care. Their goal with the website was twofold: to provide information about housing options for their potential tenants and an easy way to apply, and to give potential donors information about events and opportunities to help.

They came to Aqua Vita for help getting their website design and branding up to par.

The Execution

For their current brand, we worked with them to design a stained glass window as part of their logo, to incorporate the concepts of “a window of hope” and “Christ’s love shining through.” We then used that design element throughout the site as part of background textures and other graphics.

For their website, we set up an article feed that allows them to share the video stories of people who have used their housing throughout the years, which automatically updates on both the home page and stories page as each video is added.

We also overhauled their donation form to allow for both one-time and monthly donations, and integrated multiple payment gateways so they could accept Apple Pay and Google Pay in addition to PayPal and credit cards.