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The Strategy

Inter-Chem, a Tulsa-based company that specializes in marketing and distribution for agricultural and industrial clients, needed to update their website. Specifically, they needed an interactive map to show off their territory, along with contact information for each territory’s representatives, and a sortable list of safety data sheets for all their products.

Aqua Vita Creative and Inter-Chem chose three tactics to do this:

The Execution

We integrated their previous static WordPress custom theme with a visual builder that allowed for a more responsive website.

We built a map of their territories. On hover, the map shows the contact information for each territory, and upon clicking on a particular state, the user goes to a form that has the state pre-populated and is automatically routed to that territory representative on submission.

The client provided us with their safety data sheets, and we installed and designed table technology that’s both sortable and searchable, and easily editable by the client.

For their design projects, we redesigned their logos and icons and converted them to vector, for use both online and in print without a loss of quality.