The Results


Higher Job Inquiries

New Users Since Launch

The Strategy

In late 2020, EMSA transitioned to managing their hiring internally, rather than using a third-party contractor. In order to manage the amount of recruiting they would need to do, they turned to Aqua Vita for assistance creating a recruitment-specific website that would make it easier for potential team members to find information about job openings and connect with the EMSA recruiters.

In addition to website design, we chose three other tactics to make the JoinEMSA website the best it could be:

The Execution

Brand Design
Aqua Vita took the current EMSA logo and developed a new version for JoinEMSA to use that kept with EMSA’s brand colors and styling.

The EMSA team wanted lots of quality photos of their paramedics and EMTs on the job to display on the website. They also wanted to show off the state-of-the art equipment they use on the ambulances.

They chose a handful of team members, and Aqua Vita joined them for a half day to take photos of the team going about their daily work and using their tech.

Website Design
For the website design, we used the same visual editor that we had integrated on the main EMSA site, which the client was already familiar with using. While red was the main accent color on the main site, we went with a navy accent to make the site a little more serious for job seekers.

While initially we had multiple forms on the website for different purposes (general inquiries, submitting a resume, etc.), we revamped that system in order to have a single point of contact for people. That included a dropdown for them to select a category for their inquiry, which we can then direct on the backend to the correct recipients based on what the user chooses.

And, as always, the site is mobile friendly, since nearly 75% of JoinEMSA’s userbase uses mobile devices.