Nature Friend Magazine

The Results

New Website Subscribers


New Users over Previous Site

Client Feedback

Aqua Vita has taken our website from an out-of-date relic to what it is today. It was quite an undertaking to integrate a subscription mailing list for a print magazine, with a matching online digital subscription. The layout and content has been a work in progress, and the team at Aqua Vita certainly know how to tackle the big picture.

About two hours ago a customer called and told me how much they like the website. That is a direct result of all the hard work the team at Aqua Vita has done for us.

—Kevin Shank, Owner

The Strategy

Nature Friend Magazine is a monthly science publication that explores the natural world through a Christian lens. Before, their website was completely custom-coded, which meant the client couldn’t make many updates themselves, and it connected to a clunky subscription service for their magazine that didn’t fulfill all their needs.

Plus, the outdated website only had a handful of old articles on it, which meant there was no digital component to the magazine. People had to subscribe to the physical version, and this meant Nature Friend was missing out on a large potential market of online sales.

They tapped Aqua Vita Creative to help update their website and revitalize their online marketing efforts with new pay-per-click campaigns.

The Execution

We attacked the new site with a multi-pronged approach:

  • We found a new subscription service to manage the print side of the magazine while also integrating a paywall seamlessly with the website.
  • We made it possible for all their current subscribers to connect their subscription to an account on the new website for full digital access.
  • We restructured the content from their old website to make it easier to navigate for the end user.
  • We added a store for the products they sell in addition to the magazine (including books, games, and custom-built telescopes).
  • We built out their site with a front-end visual editor that makes it much easier for the client to manage changes on his own.
  • We created three landing pages for new subscriptions and started up PPC campaigns on Facebook and Google, which resulted in them tripling the number of subscribers they got per day for several days.