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The staff and owners at Aqua Vita are great to work with and make the process of upgrading and servicing my company’s website so much easier that other programing companies.

I highly recommend them for your next project.

—Thomas Willis, President

The Strategy

NexGen Testing is a Texas-based medical testing company that partners with labs across the United States to deliver fast, accurate testing services to medical facilities and nursing homes.

Their website has two components: the front-facing information portal for medical personnel looking for testing services, and the backend dashboard for sales reps and managers.

They liked the design of their site, but updating it was a headache. Plus, parts of the site were broken and it was impossible to get in touch with the original developers to fix them.

NexGen approached Aqua Vita to recreate the current site on a more user-friendly system that would be easy to update and would still allow for sales reps to sign up, complete their training, sign a contract, and be assigned to the proper regional manager based on their location.

Here are the services they used:

The Execution

The first thing Aqua Vita did was walk through the entire onboarding and training process for the sales reps and create a flow chart. Then, our development team starting building out the form system that would take potential sales reps through their application while limiting the amount of information they’d have to input. The system also automatically assigned regional managers to the reps and allowed them to sign their contract, automatically sending a PDF copy to both the sales rep and the main administrator.

In the meantime, our design team went to work duplicating the design in WordPress with a front-end visual editor that would give the NexGen team the ability to easily make content changes themselves.

We also built three different backend dashboards: one for the sales reps, one for the regional managers, and one for the main administrator. Each dashboard used the same template, but automatically pulls information based on who’s logged in.

In addition to the dashboards and the sales rep onboarding, we integrated an LMS for the video training new sales reps have to complete, with the ability for regional managers to check in on which of their reps have completed the training.

And finally, we built a new resource form that automatically filters uploaded PDFs, spreadsheets, and Word documents into the appropriate categories on the main resources page, eliminating dozens of steps and a mountain of frustration for the client when making updates to that page.