Oklahoma Custom Canvas Products

The Results


Unique Visitors


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Client Feedback

Outstanding group of people. They are committed to go above and beyond to ensure a positive experience. Very professional and always available to assist in making your website vision come to reality.

—Jody Herrel, President

The Strategy

Oklahoma Custom Canvas Products was looking for someone to manage their website and help them better market their business online. They came to Aqua Vita for help.

Together, we chose four tactics to help them achieve their goals:

The Execution

The first thing we did was reclaim their website from their old host, which had everything locked down behind a proprietary software, and rebuilt it in WordPress on a new theme that incorporates a visual editor. Once the new site was live, we could proceed with the next steps of the process.

We took photos of their canvas products and filled their website with new photography showcasing the breadth of their abilities. We also built out search engine optimized landing pages for the areas they wanted to focus on, like industrial applications for their canvas covers.

And finally, we produced the video below with former owner Daniel Hayes and current owner Jody Herrel discussing just some applications of the products they fabricate.