We love food. Few things bring people together like a great meal. A juicy burger or the perfect omelet with a great cup of coffee can really make our day.

Designing a website for Brookside By Day, a Tulsa breakfast icon, gave Aqua Vita a chance to celebrate 20 years of good eats.

Times have changed: Literally. A big point for the website was showcasing the extended hours. They’re not just breakfast any more!

The restaurant interior has changed over 20 years as well. We built the site to give a great first impression, matching their colors and styles down to the actual walls, chalk board, and picture frames you see in the restaurant. The green chair rail at the top of the site comes right from their sign.

Half the fun with Brookside By Day is coming in to see the same faces, year after year. The BBD family took center stage for the photo shoot. Everyone made an appearance, including the cooks who meet any request customers can dream up, and Jeb’s adorable trainee.

Shots of the interior filled with smiling patrons by award-winning photographer Chris Humphrey brought BBD to life. The food looks delicious, too!

When a restaurant has been serving great food this long, they always pick up a few fans. We found some great reviews for BBD around the web, and incorporated them into the design.

We used the professional photography to spice up their Urban Spoon and Google Plus Page.

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