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Telling your story is our passion. We focus on your goals and objectives, tailoring our services to your business needs. With Aqua Vita, you become family. Our team is always willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out a few examples of feedback we’ve received over the years.

Meeting Goals
Seeing Results
Working with Our Team
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Meeting Goals

“The team at Aqua Vita went the extra mile for our company. They really got to know our business, how it functions, who our customers are, and how best to communicate our message to them.”

—Bob Delahunt, Construction Seminars

“Aqua Vita is synonymous with excellence. Every project we have sent them has come back better than we could have expected and sooner than scheduled.”

“With a simple description of our desires, they were quickly able to determine our needs and set an agenda for our company that offered the solution to our present problem, and those that might arise in the future.”

“Be it a web design, promotional materials, web marketing or just small peripherals, they have raised the bar each time. I highly recommend Aqua Vita for any web, design, or marketing needs.”

—Dr. J. Runyon, First Los Lunas

“For ten years now, Aqua Vita has been our reliable, professional, and creative marketing partners responsible for helping us change the lives of young student footballers around the world.”

“I fully endorse and recommend the all-star marketing team at Aqua Vita!”

—Joey Bilotta, EduKick International Soccer Academies

“Aqua Vita was awesome to deal with. They listened and delivered exactly what we were after.”

—Mike McCallum, McCallum & Sons

“Aqua Vita’s content work for us reads extremely well from our target audience’s point of view—enough history and technical to know our company puts a depth of experience and engineering behind the product. Speaks well of the BEVINS products! They did an awesome job.”
—Marty A., Bevins

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Seeing Results

“We love our new site! We are already seeing an increase in responses, and we are now appearing on the FIRST page of the search engines.”

—Bob Delahunt, Construction Seminars

“We were lagging behind with the visual communication. With the new brand, we get a subliminal, psychological effect customers remember that gives them a positive association. It stands for integrity. It has a purpose & a history behind it.”

“The website leaves a memorable visual fingerprint on someone’s brain that says ‘They are current; they use modern technology.’ They get it, without getting so glossy and glitzy that they’re in design overload.”

—Daren Alred, owner Southwestern Payroll

“Really happy with how the website has turned out!”

“First and foremost, it will help with our Fall fundraiser (The Clean Water Fast). I’m really excited that people will come to the new website to learn about it rather than having to dig around and navigate the old one.”
“Second, we are really stepping up our recruiting program for volunteers so I’m glad we’ll have new and better forms for them to contact us with.”

—Rod Beadle, P.E., executive director Engineers in Action

“The website is beautiful, I love the pictures, the colors. Extremely professional.”

—Angelo Amabile, co-owner & sommelier, Fiamma1873

“The brochures came in and they look perfect! You really made those photos pop!”

—Connie Meyer, Silent Hunter Fishing

“Wanted to compliment you all on the excellent banners! Many thanks! We saw a rise in brand awareness, good face to face time with developers and past award winners, a number of interviews conducted with media on-site and more set up for down the road, a chance to explore potential partnerships by using the event to initiate some casual conversation.

“Overall, we are thrilled with how things turned out and your work helped make that so.”

—Paul Marzagalli, NAVGTR

“The Aqua Vita team created a brand and logo for our women’s outreach organization. We went from a small, local entity to an organization that instantly connected with women worldwide!”

“It has continued to be a lasting, recognizable brand five years later! Thank you, Aqua Vita!”

—Stephanie Guerrero, Sister 2 Sister

“Jonathan’s professional photography of my residential listing led to immediate inquiries and showings! We sold it within a week!”

—David Hughes, Realtor

“Our website is driving in customers, and I believe it is worth continuing to invest in. Customers are referencing our website far more than ever.”

—Tommy Norman, Jack Wills Outdoor Living

“Thanks for a super job on the webinar. The slides look great. Really good visuals and presentation. Well done!”

“We appreciate all you do. Your work on the website and manual is terrific. Well done!”

—Don Guy, Orion Systems

“I really love our website. I get lots of compliments on it. It’s been such a huge asset for us in the last two years.”

“People are signing up for monthly donations, and that’s working out really well. I love what we’re doing with the sponsors too. I’m really happy.”

—Amanda Milner, Fair Haven

“I’ve gotten several nice comments on the website. People like it, it’s easy to navigate, I’m very pleased with it.”

—Mary Moser, Moser CPA

“With the website, you get a real feel about the place without seeing it.”

“It looks just like the restaurant. I like that. It’s what they can expect when they get here.”

“A lot of our customers never came in for dinner – they didn’t know we were open. Now they see the hours online.”

—Kyle Phillips, Brookside by Day

“The website has been a real plus. Before, we were kind of ashamed to tell anyone about it. Now, all the board members have gotten excited about the site and have gotten people to go look at it.”

“I’ve had probably a dozen people contact me through the site asking me to join the newsletter. I’ve had three small donations through the site as well.”

“You all were very easygoing, laid back and professional. I could tell you knew what you were doing and had confidence that you were going to do the job.”

—Tom Wilson, Bushenyi Alliance for Health & Rural Development

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Working with Our Team

“I have been working with Aqua Vita for over 5 years. I have entrusted them to handle numerous projects, and they always over deliver.”

“It’s like I have my own marketing department. I highly recommend them.”

—Christian Derr, Clinch Martial Arts

“Great team of folks to work with!”

—Samantha Hartanovich, Southwestern Payroll

“Their employees are intelligent, efficient, and spoke in terms and descriptions we could understand.

—Dr. J. Runyon, First Los Lunas

“I’m very appreciative of your ability to change our words into something that is presentable.”

—John Mayfield, VP Inter-Chem

“We feel like you’re fully focused on us, that’s why we feel like you’re worth the money.”

— Tor Nordstrom, Nordaggios Coffee

“Aqua Vita has almost always exceeded my expectations. They’re professional, organized, and sensitive to my needs as a customer. ”

“What comes to mind first is the recent web development; the rotating ad module definitely exceeded my expectations. I like that one the most, emotionally. For the money I got a lot of features, and they added things we didn’t even think of –without charging extra. ”

“Their team is really versatile, and they can do more than one thing. They don’t have a small list of products to show, they’re listening to what my needs are. And if I have a need, they can do it. It gives me a new appreciation for creating things for a particular application, instead of using a cookie cutter solution.”

—Tony Brobst, The Camo Shop

“It’s been great. I can come to you guys with our needs and ideas, and you take that idea and magnify and multiply it to make it a lot better.”

“I would encourage anyone who is thinking about a professional website to contact Aqua Vita Creative. We’re getting ready to start a third website with them.”

“Our biggest asset on the website is that significant donors have gone to it and gotten a thorough idea of what we’re about. Our niche mission is fairly complicated, and it’s not easy to explain in just a few sentences.”

“The newsletter looks fantastic too. Look what one of the persons we emailed did — he forwarded it to about another 50 people!”

—David Stephenson, Engineers in Action

“All of you guys are easy to work with. Your attitude throughout everything is absolutely great, which makes the entire thing so much easier. I don’t really feel pressure; I feel calm when I talk to you.”

“You always have great ideas and knowledge that you can tell comes from years of experience in the industry, things I would never have thought of to consider. You have these new and fresh ideas to work with.”

—Emily Poindexter, EngATech

“Tulsa Opera has tried several local marketing firms and Aqua Vita is head and shoulders above the several we have worked with over the past two years.

“Their response time to client needs is extraordinary – always getting back to us same day or even within an hour.

“This response to a client’s need is not specific to Tulsa Opera’s account manager – all members of the Aqua Vita Team respond quickly and politely to Tulsa Opera. They are excellent listeners – always putting the needs of the client first. They are consistent – delivering on promises.

“They are creative – bringing more to the table with each new conversation.

“Most importantly – they are fun, kind people who love what they do and bring energy and a sense of possibility to every project and conversation. We have not been so happy with a marketing firm. We recommend them without any hesitation.”

– Greg Weber, Tulsa Opera

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Training & Strategy

“Jessica was great to work with! She gave me so much good information and great tips for being on the web – things that made it easier to do my business.”

—Shelley McCain

“I recently attended the “Websites for Business – How to Win Customers & Grow Your Business” class conducted by the Aqua Vita team. They presented thought-provoking facts about establishing customer engagement that I have already implemented.”

“A very well-done and useful presentation, followed up in a timely manner by electronic delivery of all the material presented. Many thanks!”

—Prescott Grey

“We’ve been using Aqua Vita for over 8 years and we couldn’t be happier. Extremely knowledgeable, professional and accommodating.”

— Nita McPartland

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