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Good branding tells a story. We can help you make a strong first impression with a brand that tells people what you do and how you do it.

We’ve been crafting brands for Tulsa businesses for over 15 years, and we can help you build yours.

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45+ Reviews

27+ Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Highly recommended”

Josh Driskell
President, Jenks Chamber of Commerce

“I’ve worked with Aqua Vita for nearly a decade on multiple projects and can’t speak highly enough about the quality of their work and the communication during and after a website launch. Highly recommended.”

“Exceeded expectations”

Adam Paluka
Chief Public Affairs Officer, EMSA

“We had a great experience working with Aqua Vita during our organization’s complete website overhaul. The finished product truly exceeded even our highest expectations. We would not hesitate to work with Aqua Vita again.”

“Always on the ball”

Matt Eaton
Sr. Executive Business Administrator, Bama Companies

“We used Aqua Vita to redesign our entire site and for numerous technological adventures! They are always on the ball, responsive and don’t quit until you are satisfied. I recommend them to anyone.”

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Ana Bland
“I love working with the whole Aqua Vita team! They’re responsive, professional, great at what they do, and incredibly nice!

They provide excellent customer service and are always willing to work with you to meet all your needs. Highly recommend them!

Thank you for all you do, guys! Your work is very much appreciated!”

Ana Bland
Executive Assistant, Southwestern Payroll

Tulsa Branding & Logo Design Services

Craft an Identity to Impress Your Audience

Brand Design

A strong company needs a solid brand system to support it. A brand is more than just a logo. It’s your vision, values, and culture, all rolled up into a unified look and feel. From logos and letterheads, to websites and email signatures, we’ve got you covered.

Logo Design

If you’re piloting a small business or a young business, sometimes all you need is a logo design to get you started. Think of your logo like the cherry on top of a sundae, the star on top of a Christmas tree, or that first handshake at a networking event. It’s often the first impression people have of your company, and first impressions matter.

Company Naming

What’s in a name? Just about everything! A good name should evoke an image of who you are and what you do in the minds of your audience. Over the years, we’ve developed a 12-point process for helping our customers create memorable and unique names that go places. Sometimes, all you need is some outside perspective from a professional to find that perfect fit.

Visual Identity

Sometimes, you just need a little clarity. It’s often the case that you have a logo developed in the early stages of the business, but as you grow, you need to define and refine that logo or the assets surrounding it. What colors should you use? What fonts? What does your brand collateral say about you? We can help you develop a visual identity for your business that’s unique and memorable.

Brand Manual

As your business grows, it’s common to develop new collateral and systems as the need arises, and it’s often the case that these systems become a little scattered and vague over time. A good brand manual gathers up and organizes all of the elements of your brand into a central document that you and your team can reference to keep your brand consistent and your momentum strong.


Things change, and sometimes your brand needs to change with it. Maybe your brand just needs a touch-up, or perhaps you need a complete overhaul after succeeding the previous owner to make the company truly yours. You might even find yourself the next in line in a multi-generational, beloved business in the community that needs to be modernized without starting from scratch. We’ve helped businesses in all of these scenarios and more rebrand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I come up with a good brand name for my business?
Years ago, we came across a system that uses two acronyms for developing a successful brand name: SMILE and SCRATCH.

SMILE if your name has these 5 winning qualities:

  • Suggestive – evokes a positive brand experience
  • Meaningful – your customers “get it”
  • Imagery – visually evocative to aid in memory
  • Legs – lends itself to a theme for extended mileage
  • Emotional – resonates with your audience

SCRATCH it if it has any of these 7 deal breakers:

  • Spelling-challenged – looks like a typo
  • Copycat – similar to competitors’ names
  • Restrictive – limits future growth
  • Annoying – hidden meaning, forced/pushy?
  • Tame – flat, descriptive (why would descriptive be tame?), uninspired
  • Curse of Knowledge – only insiders get it
  • Hard-to-pronounce – not obvious, unapproachable
I’m too close to my company, and I need some perspective. Do you have any tools to help me to get the creative juices flowing?
We do! We’ve developed a series of questions that we’ll walk you through as a part of the branding process. We call it the Branding Brief, and you can request it here.
How much does a new brand cost?
Most of the brands that we develop fall between $1,000 – $20,000. The variance is the amount of research we do, the size, scope and age of the company, the number of stakeholders, and how much collateral we’re creating around the new brand.
I already have a brand, but all I have is a low quality file. I just need my brand file converted into a high quality format.
We get this a lot! We can redraw your low quality brand file in high-res and vector formats for any usage you can think of, and it’s generally much faster and lower in cost to do that than to create a new brand from scratch.
My existing brand is already well recognized in my market. I just want to update my brand a little bit, rather than completely throwing out my current look and feel.
No problem. We’ve been involved in dozens of similar projects. In some cases, we’ve been entrusted with updating legacy brands that are over 100 years old!

Our job on projects such as this is to preserve the spirit of the original look and feel, while making subtle tweaks to bring your brand into the modern era.

I don’t need a new brand, but I do need collateral designed in the same style.

You bet! If you have all of your original brand files, we can duplicate the look and feel for a variety of different pieces, including business cards, email signatures, letterhead, brand style guides, hats, t-shirts, mugs… you name it, we’ve done it.

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