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If you’ve got a good product that people want and you offer your customers great service, the rest comes down to the details of your brand. 

Stand out from your competition with unique and creative brand apparel, eye-catching product designs, and strong and attractive brand collateral like business cards, email signatures and letterhead.

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50+ Reviews

26+ Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying

Kris Hutto

“Strongly recommend”

Kris Hutto
Executive Director, Tulsa Farmer’s Market

Aqua Vita was a pleasure to work with! Their guidance took my project to new heights. The team was efficient, thorough, and highly communicative. All of which alleviated any stress I had about the project! I strongly recommend them!

Paula Marshall

“Awesome team”

Paula Marshall
Chief Executive Officer, Bama Companies

Awesome creative team who follow through on all commitments!

George Brining

Helped me expand

George Brining
President, Gold Standard Honey

I’ve used Aqua Vita over the years for many things; logo design, label design, web design and marketing advice. They helped me expand into local retail stores and now Sam’s Club. Good people who do whatever it takes to get your business up and running.

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Jerry Volkman

Aqua Vita is a unique marketing service! They take the time to understand your business and amaze you with their results! They listen and are a fountain of creativity! Latch on to them as your one-stop shop – you won’t be disappointed!

Jerry Volkman
The Eddie V Band

Brand Collateral Graphic Design

Don’t forget the physical! Brand collateral gives your team and your customers something that they can hold and own that is uniquely yours. 

Apparel Design

T-shirts, hats, hoodies, oh my! We’ll make sure you’re covered and you’re looking fly. 

Billboard Design

Sometimes, you just need a giant attention-grabbing sign on the side of the road. 

Logo Design

We’ll help you make your mark with a logo that’s uniquely yours. We create all our of our logos from scratch.

Business Card Design

Business cards are often people’s first introduction to your brand. Make that first impression count! 

Letterhead Design

Nothing says high-class like a hand-written thank you note on branded company letterhead. 

Product Design

Stand out from the other products on the shelf with a thoughtfully designed product label and signage.

Digital Graphic Design

It’s hard to beat the internet for marketing these days! We’ll make sure your brand shines in the digital space.

Email Design

Keep your customers in the know with a timely branded email campaign. 

Email Signature Design

A good email signature design can up your customer service game.

Digital Ad Graphic Design

Have a great product? We’ll design ads for you that resonate and sell.

Social Media Graphics

You’d dress up for a fancy party, right? We’ll dress up your social, too. 

Video Graphic Design

Great video tells a story. Great graphics add depth and texture.

Website Design

Website design brings your brand together in a place all your own. 

Gold Standard Honey

When George Brining first approached us, he said he was ready to take his label to the next level, and boy did we!

More than eight years later, he’s now in multiple grocery store chains in multiple states, including Sam’s Club, Reasors, Natural Grocers, Harps, The Fresh Market and more.

In the time since we developed the brand, product labels, website, sales and marketing materials for Gold Standard Honey, their sales have increased by over 2,000%!

More About This Project
Services Provided:

Logo Design was used to craft an approachable and iconic shape that referenced classic gold coin designs (“gold standard”, get it?) and was referential to the idea of the “queen bee” with a feminine silhouette.

Product Label Design was needed to help his products stand out and fly off the shelves (har har, bee reference). The top/bottom bifurcation was inspired by Andy Warhol’s classic Campbell’s Soup label, and we color code the design based on the source of the honey to give each one a distinctive feel.

Signage Design helps customers find their way to the product inside the store, and adds that extra professional detail to the Gold Standard brand experience.

Tulsa Farmer’s Market

One of our favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to get up early and head to the Tulsa Farmer’s Market for some fresh produce and delicious street tacos and fry bread.

Needless to say, we were tickled pink when they asked us to illustrate their vendor map and market brochure.

More About This Project
Services Provided:

Brochure Design was needed to give an overview of the market, provide a way-finding map for market goers, to educate consumers on the mission behind the market, and to highlight and honor market sponsors.

Custom Map Illustration was needed to give market-goers a map to treasure trove of local vendors at TFM. There wasn’t a user-friendly map of the market, so everything had to be drawn and labeled from scratch.

Eddie V Band

Eddie Volkman is a longtime fixture on Chicago morning radio, having spent more than two decades as half of the “Eddie and Jobo Morning Show.” In 2009, Eddie started the Eddie V Band with his brother Jerry, and Tulsa native and entrepreneur Paula Marshall.

They wanted to create a brand for the band with a heavy metal vibe, and to that we said: “Hell yes.”

More About This Project
Services Provided:

Illustrated Logo Design gave the Eddie V Band an awesome, hand crafted metal band vibe that was totally unique to them.

Business Card Design helped Eddie V and his band members to stand out from other bands and more easily network and book new shows.

Website Design tied the brand together and gave fans a place to check for the latest shows, club owners a place to book them, and media a place to download photos and video.

Why Choose Aqua Vita as Your Graphic Design Agency?

Attention to Detail

We’ve developed a process that helps us to focus on the big picture for your brand, while not neglecting the little touches.

Our team also conducts internal quality control reviews of designs before anything is published.

Fast Turnaround

We work hard to keep our workflow streamlined and our processes efficient to keep turnaround times to a minimum.

Requests go from you, to our team, to final production as quickly as possible.

Unique Designs

Your business is unique, and your designs should be too. We take pride in building beautiful things for good people.

Every design we create is unique to the customer and audience we’re designing it for.

World-Class Quality

Our team is constantly educating themselves on design, marketing and advertising best practices.

We triple-check our work before publishing and ask for feedback from your target audience to maximize results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a business card design cost?

A business card design with us usually runs around $270.

Should I focus on traditional marketing or digital marketing?

It depends on your business, but if you can only do one, we generally recommend that you focus on digital.

Typically, you can reach more people with digital designs and marketing these days per dollar spent than you could with traditional means, like mailers and billboards.

For some products and audiences, though, like a big arts performance, traditional may be the way to go.

If you can’t decide, just call us. We’ll talk through the strategic process with you.

What’s your turnaround time on print projects?

For simple things like business cards, we can usually turn them around in a week.

More complex pieces, like a brochure that includes lots of marketing copy, may take a few weeks.

If there’s already an established brand look and feel, that speeds up our process, because we’re walking down an established path.

If we’re creating that stuff as we go, it can increase the time we spend on things by 25-50%.

What if I don’t like my design?


Just kidding.

Our design projects include two rounds of revisions by default, and it’s very unusual for us to go more rounds than that.

If you’re still not satisfied after the second round, no problem. We’ll negotiate additional changes with you.

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