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Good photography can tell a story that goes right to the heart.

If you’ve got good people and a good product, the hard work is already done. 

Our job is to help you show them off with great photography. 

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45+ Reviews

26+ Reviews

What Tulsa Photography Clients Are Saying

“Quality media, quickly”

Dani Keil
Director of Outreach, Tulsa Opera

“They work as a team to provide quality media, quickly. I’ve never had a deadline they couldn’t meet!”

“Incredibly talented”

Lane Castleberry
Director of Communications, Jenks Chamber of Commerce

“Aqua Vita delivered above and beyond my expectations for our tourism website. Their team is easy to work with and they are incredibly talented in making your vision a reality.”

Ana Bland

“Responsive, professional”

Ana Bland
Executive Assistant, Southwestern Payroll Service, Inc.

“They’re responsive, professional, great at what they do, and incredibly nice! They provide excellent customer service and are always willing to work with you to meet all your needs.”

Tulsa Agency Awards & Honors

Upper Case 2021 PRSA-OKC Awards: Best in Show
Upper Case 2021 PRSA-OKC Awards: Website
PRSA Tulsa Silver Link 2021

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Jens Q Quilitzsch
I’ve used Jonathan for my portrait photography, and he’s done some business and marketing consulting for me that I’ve been able to implement in my business as well. I strongly recommend him.

Jens Q Quilitzsch

Tulsa Photography Services

Capture Attention With Professionally Produced Videos

Healthcare Photography

When people put their health in your hands, it’s important to show them you’re worthy of that trust. With professional healthcare photography, we can make sure your patients see your expertise and experience from the very first photo.

Corporate Photography

Chances are, your business’s online photos will be the first impression most customers get. Make it a stellar one with professional corporate photography. Whether it’s pictures of your location or professional portraits of your team, we can make sure your company puts its best face forward.

Industrial Photography

Give people a peek inside the moving parts of your industry and show off everything from your manufacturing process to the production floor. We’ve helped a number of manufacturing clients showcase their processes, their people, and whatever else makes them unique.

Product Photography

You know your products are the best around. Make sure your customers can see that with high-quality product photography. Whether your products are tiny X-ray markers or big enough to cover Tulsa’s Golden Driller, we’ve got the skills to make them look great.

Food Photography

Display mouthwatering dishes and delectable delights with high-quality professional food photography. Entice your customers’ palates before they ever set foot in your restaurant.

Performance Photography

Capture the most spellbinding moments on stage. With professional performance photography, we’ll make your audience feel like they were really there, encouraging them to join you for future performances.

EMSA Medical Team Photography

Oklahoma’s Emergency Medical Services Authority launched a new website to drive recruitment for their EMT training program. 

For this shoot, the wanted to convey to applicants that this was a tough, serious, but cool vocation. We shot it all on location at EMSA headquarters, in their ambulance bay and EMT training school.

This project also included video b roll to be used as website background. 

Tulsa Opera Performance Photography

We have a lot of clients in the arts and theater, and we’re often tasked with shooting promotional stills and video for their performances. 

These shoots often require us to get everything on-set, often in a very short period of time (an hour or less in some instances). 

Thankfully, we own all of our own portable lighting and audio equipment, and our crew has been working together for years, so we can get the goods in record time! 

Turn times for these shoots are also typically tight, as they want to use the shots ASAP to promote the shows. A 12-24 hour turn time is not uncommon. But hey, we’re always up for a challenge. 


Fiamma Food Styling & Photography

Sometimes, we just can’t believe we get paid to do this stuff. Food photography for this high end Italian restaurant definitely fell under that category. Not only did we get to shoot this beautiful, delicious food, we got to eat it afterward!

The challenge with food photography is that you’re often working in the restaurant itself, and rarely are lighting conditions in a restaurant optimal for a professional shoot. We bring our own special kit on shoots such as these to eliminate unflattering shadows and add depth to the dish.

We’re also typically working against the clock on dishes that wilt a bit with time. Our goal is to shoot food without using any sort of prop tricks, and that means capturing images quickly and professionally. 


South Manufacturing Photography

We love working established family-owned businesses, and especially people who make things. “Hands making stuff” (AKA process photography) is always a crowd favorite. 

South Manufacturing is a third generation company that makes x-ray products for the medical and oil and gas industries. The pay a lot of attention to quality, making sure all of their hand crafted metal components are completely free of flaws, and we wanted to show off that detail.

Their process for making their goods is proprietary, so we while we wanted to off their attention to detail, we had to be sensitive to their need for privacy as well.


Why Choose Aqua Vita as Your Photography Agency?

Longevity & Experience

Aqua Vita has been around since 2009, and we’ve provided Tulsa video production services since 2012. We’re here for you for the long term.

Understanding Your Organization

Our team strives to deeply understand your company, your products, and what makes you unique so that we can give you videos that fit perfectly with your goals.

Easy to Work With

Our team responds quickly by email or phone, or we can schedule a Zoom call, depending on your preference. We make communication a priority. Need help? Have a question? We’ll be there in a flash.

Continuous Improvement

As a company, one of our core principles has always been “educate to elevate.” We’re always learning, always growing, and always looking for way to improve ourselves and our services.

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