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Get instant search visibility and convert high-quality traffic with a 13-year-old Tulsa PPC agency.

Improve your advertising ROI with data-driven PPC strategies that focus on conversions. Reach your target audience the moment they begin searching for your product or service.

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43+ Reviews
27+ Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Went the extra mile”

Bob DeLaHunt
General Manager, Construction Seminars

“The team at Aqua Vita went the extra mile for our company, Construction Seminars. They really got to know our business, how it functions, who our customers are, and how best to communicate our message to them.”

David Stephenson

“Highly recommend”

David Stephenson
Past President, Engineers in Action

I have worked with Aqua Vita on three different non-profit projects. I can turn the whole project over to them and have a ‘turn-key’ integrated digital campaign. I highly recommend Aqua Vita.

“Always on the ball”

Matt Eaton
Sr. Executive Business Administrator, Bama Companies

“They are always on the ball, responsive and don’t quit until you are satisfied. I recommend them to anyone.”

Tulsa Web Agency Awards & Honors

Upper Case 2021 PRSA-OKC Awards: Best in Show
Upper Case 2021 PRSA-OKC Awards: Website
PRSA Tulsa Silver Link 2021

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Jeff Hill
“Highly professional, great integrity, reasonable prices, they take the time to learn what the customer wants and meet those requirements.”

Jeff Hill

Tulsa PPC Services

Target High-Quality Traffic with PPC Services That Convert

Keyword Research & Strategy

Secure instant visibility on Google for highly-competitive keywords with paid search campaigns. Data-driven PPC strategy focuses on high-performance keywords to increase conversions and improve ROI. Go behind the scenes to uncover competitor strategy, and avoid wasting money on clicks that never lead to sales. 

Landing Page Design

Convert your precious PPC traffic with landing pages that match your ad messages and remove all distractions. Clear, compelling copy, easy-to-hit actions, and fast load times improve performance even further. Leverage the power of testimonials and social proof to back up your claims, and show the product or service in action to win your audience.

PPC Account Management

Improve results and improve your ROI over time with consistent, data-driven management by our PPC agency. Continuously mine opportunities and minimize wasted ad spend with an eye on conversions. Analyze and advance every aspect of your campaign, from keyword research to ad split-testing, landing page conversion optimization, and remarketing.


Ads A/B Split Testing

Go by data, rather than gut feeling. Expedite conversions by testing ads to see what messages deliver the best results. Our PPC agency changes one element of the ad at a time, then we measure the results to find out which element has the greatest impact on the success of your campaign. Increase conversions and reduce risks with good testing.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Laser-focus on your most important goals. Improve conversions over time by reducing friction in your funnel and enhancing the value of your offer. In-depth funnel audits and analysis by our Tulsa PPC agency help locate weaknesses in your process. Then we test our hypotheses to move the needle in a positive direction.

Why Choose Aqua Vita as Your Tulsa PPC Company?

Longevity & Experience

Since 2009, our Tulsa PPC agency has delivered results for the Tulsa community. Several team members have over 10 years experience in PPC management. We have seen paid search platforms and techniques change tremendously over the years. Many of our clients have been with us for decades. We’re here for you for the long term.

Understanding Your Organization

Our PPC team dives in deep to serve well. Getting to know your team, your products, and your unique selling proposition, we take the time to discover why your clients love you. Aligning with your short and long-term goals, we create a sustainable PPC strategy that generates results over the long run.

Ease to Use, Easy to Work With

You don’t need a PhD or a Google certification to understand us. We keep things simple and focus on results. Our team responds quickly by email or phone, or we can schedule a Zoom video meeting, depending on your preference. We make communication a priority. Need help? Have a question? We’ll be there in a flash.

Continuous Improvement

Rapid changes in technology and PPC platforms create new opportunities every day. Stay ahead of the curve with a Tulsa PPC agency committed to continuing education. We’ll keep you updated on best practices, and help you navigate whatever changes the future holds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I target campaigns based on my service area?

Yes. We can target by city, state, country, zip code, or DMA area. We can also target audiences by demographic information, hobbies, interests, and potential buying intention.

Can I decide which keywords NOT to bid on?

Yes. We create an extensive list of negative keywords to prevent wasted ad spend on unrelated search terms.

Can I get analytics and reports on my campaigns?

Yes. We offer reporting via Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, so you can get all the crucial statistics and demographics on your ad performance and visitors. We can also provide geographic and demographic breakdowns, and in-depth reports for your target keywords.

How fast will we see results?

You can see ads appear within 2 – 48 hours after your campaign starts running, depending on special approval requirements. Your ads will run as long as your budget allows. It’s a good quick boost to see results while you wait for a slower-moving SEO campaign to take effect.

Do you offer PPC consultation and training?

Yes. We can do video training for up to 7 members of your team per session, with time for a Q&A. You will get a completed video training link afterwards. We can also create a training library with links and videos for your team to reference long after training. It can be combined with our consulting services as well.

How do I calculate conversion rate?

Conversion rate is a ratio. It tells you what percentage of visitors to your website actually convert. 

The equation for PPC is pretty simple:
Total Transactions from PPC / Total Visitors from PPC = Conversion Ratio for PPC

Let’s say 100,000 people clicked ads to visit your PPC landing pages last month. 

Of those visitors, 3,000 bought a product.

Your PPC conversion rate would be 3 percent (3,000/100,000*100).

If 10,000 people converted, your conversion rate would jump to 10 percent.

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