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Capture your audience’s imagination with high-quality video production from a local Tulsa company. From step-by-step video manuals, sizzle reels, customer testimonials, and opera performances, we’ve got years of experience helping our clients show their stuff.

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Tulsa Video Production Services

Capture Attention With Professionally Produced Videos

Corporate Video Production

Tell your story and engage customers with videos showing your products or services, customer stories, and results. Highlight competitive advantages or show before-and-after transformations to prove your effectiveness. And above all, focus on a clear call to action.

Explainer & Product Videos

Give your products and services a voice and a presence with explainer and product demo videos. Improve your sales and marketing presentations and demonstrate your best features. Walk your customers through how to use the products and services.

Testimonial & Marketing Videos

Build credibility, capture attention, and showcase customer reviews with marketing video production. We can conduct interviews, capture voice-overs, edit the videos, add graphics, and deliver video ready for YouTube, website, events, or social platforms.

Event & Performance Videos

Capture your business or non-profit event with a high-quality video recording. On-location shoots can include multiple cameras with a variety of custom audio capture options. Take your event to a broader audience with livestreaming video services.

Social Media Videos

Grab attention in the social feed frenzy with short, punchy videos. Create stories they will love to share, and get attention of influencers in your niche. Social media videos create engagement to help you entertain, persuade, or educate your audience.

Full-Service Video Production

From first brainstorming session to final cut, we handle every aspect of your video production services. Scripting, lighting, audio engineering, post-production, motion graphics, title cards – everything you need for a polished, professional video.

Marketing & Social Media Videos for Tulsa Opera

Tulsa Opera needed marketing and social media videos to drive ticket sales for Carmen. Behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage and cast interviews helped build engagement.

The marketing video series included on-site shoots, music, and custom graphics, to create an exciting videos for social media, website, and email promotions.

Website Background Videos for EMSA

Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) wanted a background video featuring their redesigned ambulances and advanced medical technology on their public website and recruiting site.

This on-location video shoot at their Tulsa office featured one of their EMTs driving the rebranded ambulances and unloading the advanced gurneys.

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Why Choose Aqua Vita as Your Video Production Agency?


We've Been Around for 15+ Years

Since 2009, our agency has delivered award-winning website design for the Tulsa community. Several team members have over 20 years experience in web design and creating beautiful, functional user experiences. Many of our clients have been with us for decades.

Understanding Your Organization

Our team strives to deeply understand your company, your products, and your audience. So your videos align perfectly with your goals.

Easy to Work With

Our team responds quickly by email or phone, or we can schedule a Zoom call, depending on your preference. We make communication a priority. Need help? Have a question? We’ll be there in a flash.

Continuous Improvement

As a company, one of our core principles has always been “educate to elevate.” We’re always learning, always growing, and always looking for way to improve ourselves and our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do video production companies charge?
Video production costs vary widely, depending on your needs. Biggest factors tend to be number of shoot locations, equipment, crew, and post-editing required.

Basic, short videos with minimal editing and post-production work can range from $2,500 – $6,000.

Longer, more complicated videos with multiple shoot locations, custom graphics, or other factors will cost upwards of $6,000 – $15,000 or more.

Production cost differences can be seen at the shoot. For example: a 1-camera shoot with a shotgun microphone or Zoom recorder will cost less than an 3-camera setup with 3-5 microphones, audio engineering and livestreaming.

Post-production requirements also affect costs. Music licenses, custom graphics, animation, and other assets will change the cost of video production services.

How do I choose a video production company?
First, be very clear on what kind of video project you want to do. Have a clear budget and timeline to complete the project. This will help you tremendously when narrowing your search, and can help eliminate companies from the start.

Look for video production companies who do the type of video you’re wanting. Find comparable videos that you like, both to be able to show as examples and to see who made those videos. Check out their reviews on Google and Facebook.

Finally, contact the company and get quotes. But don’t just go with the least expensive option. Consider which company best matches your needs and your values. It’s worth it to pay a little bit more and get a video that’s exactly what you need, because you’ll be using it for a long time to come.

Can you shoot at my location or in a studio?
We can bringing our equipment to film on location. If you want total control, we can also set up a shoot with one of our studio partners.
Do you offer photography services?

Yes! We offer Photography Services.

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