Behind the Scenes at Tulsa Opera’s Carmen

by | Sep 8, 2020

Backstage at the Most Famous Opera in the World

So we’re backstage at Tulsa Opera, and we’re doing a video storytelling shoot behind-the-scenes for the most famous opera in history, with some of the best performers in the world. We love this job.

One of our favorite things about the work that we do is marketing through video storytelling. We find great satisfaction in our work. Especially when we meet people who are excellent, experienced and passionate in their craft. And we love to hear their perspectives on the work they do.

Tulsa Opera is one of several arts organizations we promote and support. But right now – it’s giving us some amazing experiences.

Sharing the love of story-telling

Marketing like this builds community, and reminds us that we’re not alone. Video storytelling projects can be used on many platforms to reach a variety of audiences in multiple ways, and in this – we get to support our local arts organization!

Shot for Tulsa Opera, the story-telling video below features amazing artists like Alexander Birch Elliott, Roberto Kalb, Colleen Daly, Sarah Mesko, and Adam Smith. While going behind-the-scenes can be fun and interesting to watch, it also helps sell tickets and – just as important for the opera – build their reputation nationally and abroad.

It’s exciting to see featured artists share our videos, boosting visibility to new audiences, but watching our favorite local arts organization thrive is absolutely priceless.

And…Getting Results

Videos like these help connect audiences with the performers and the music. Emails featuring behind-the-scenes and interview videos earned higher open rates and higher clicks on “buy tickets” buttons! And social campaigns with videos got higher engagement and shares.

In everything we do, our purpose is to connect the right audience to our clients’ products and services, so that everyone gets what they need.

So what’s your story? Let’s tell tell it together.