Video: The Chisholm Trail Heritage Experience

by | Sep 29, 2020

There’s a beautiful town in Southwestern Oklahoma called Duncan, and tucked away in that town is a hidden gem: The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center, or CTHC, for those who appreciate it’s history and educational value.

A Historical Treasure

Visitors can learn about an exciting period of history when cowboys drove thousands of cattle along the Chisholm Trail.

Features include an interactive theater complete with wind, rain and lightning effects, a large collection of Native American art exhibit.

What a cool place! Called to bring their brand and their website to the next level, we took some time to get to know the place. The CTHC brings folks young and old a valuable experience straight out of the Old West.

A Video Highlight for Sparkle

With that in mind, we spent a day enjoying the Center while videoing visitors doing the same.

And you know our motto: “Always do more than what you get paid for,” so we threw in a video shoot as a bonus to add some extra sizzle to their website.

And now future guests get a taste of the real thing by watching the video highlight on their website. Just maybe, this background video might bring more visitors to this wonderful place of history.