Have a sense of humor with your videos

Your business isn’t boring. Why should your commercial or video campaign be boring?

Many times when we brainstorm video projects with clients, they usually start with the “safe” options. The problem? People forget safe. No one remembers normal. Boring won’t convince anyone to buy.

You need to stand out. But how? Check out some great examples of out-of-the-box videos to get your creative juices flowing.

1. DollarShaveClub.com

Proof you don’t need fancy sets or a hot tub to make a dynamite video. A skeleton crew produced this entire hilarious video inside a warehouse. That’s right, a warehouse. With a little creativity, you can make anything interesting.

2. Dos Equis: “Stay Thirsty My Friends”

What happens when you combine a great beard with a thirst for life? This video. Dos Equis nailed it with their the shark-riding, bear-wrestling, fire-walking adventure mascot.

3. Old Spice:

With cut-away sets, power tools, a waterfall, and a motorcycle, this video pushes the edges of any production budget. But the over-the-top humor carries the brand message.

4. Made Man:

Do you have a great idea or concept driving your business, event, or product? Congratulations to Made Man for spotlighting an epic moustache to promote their event.

5. Volkswagen:

Kids, dogs, epic music, Darth Vader, this video has it all. An added bonus: they hit heart-warming and funny at the same time. If your video moves more than one emotion, you give your message a bigger impact.

6. PooPouri:

This innovative product drives their benefits home with hilarious visuals and cheeky humor. Smashing dialogue and a pitch-perfect performance showcase transform a potentially difficult sell into a viral hit.

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