Meet Your Digital Marketing Team

We are a family-owned, debt-free, fast-moving digital marketing team. We follow the financial principles of
Dave Ramsey, and the ethical principles of The Four-Way Test of Rotary.

Jonathan Cox, Creative Director

Jonathan Cox

Creative Director

Jonathan has been working in the creative industry for 25 years. He oversees all of our art production, photography, and cinematography.

Nerd Super Power:
Art skill bonus to nearby team members

Jessica Cox, Creative Director

Jessica Cox

Marketing Director

Jessica has been writing professionally for over 20 years. She loves research, and believes any problem can be solved through hard work and creativity.

Nerd Super Power:
Supersonic hearing

Michelle Pierce, COO

Michelle Pierce

Web Developer

Michelle has been playing with HTML & CSS for over 10 years, and maintains AV’s deadlines. Don’t get her started talking about CSS or Doctor Who.

Nerd Super Power:
Master of trivia

Faith Parks, Art Director

Faith Parks

Art Director

Faith is a designer who strives to achieve meaningful beauty in her work. She loves learning new things and putting them into practice.

Nerd Super Power:
Super adaptability

Cindi Runyon, Social Media Manager

Cynthia Runyon

Social Media Strategist

Cynthia has played with words for 23 years: teaching ABCs, editing doctoral dissertations, shooting tweets, penning novels, and everything in between.

Nerd Super Power:

James Runyon

James Runyon

Content Strategist

James is a renaissance man of many talents. He is a master pianist, gardener and carpenter. James uses his diverse experience to enrich his writing for our clients.

Nerd Super Power:
Hyper perception

Caleb Guerrero, Animator

Caleb Guerrero

Graphic Designer

Caleb is a dedicated traveler who’s lived in 18 places and visited just about every state in the union. He works constantly to hone his skills in design.

Nerd Super Power:
Light manipulation

Where Did You Get The Name “Aqua Vita?”

Our first client was a Bolivian missionary working to provide potable water and sanitation services for over 2,000 families in the Altiplano. Within two months, we helped them raise $90,000, everything they needed.

The missionary told us: “In Bolivia, there’s an expression: ‘Where there’s water, there’s life.’ You’ve brought these families the water of life.” We’ve been “Aqua Vita” ever since.

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