From Google Panda updates to Google’s new (again) relationship with Twitter, it’s what you don’t know that might hurt your business. So, let’s get to the good stuff of understanding what you have to do (or not do) to get be highly ranked by Google.


Google Panda + Content

Is your content meaningful and targeted to the audience it benefits? Really? Are you sure? Because that should be the most important goal for marketers longing to be noticed and highly ranked by Google’s mighty search engine. So keep away from spammy content, and Google’s spotlight of recognition will shine your way.

Google + Twitter

It’s true, Twitter has reunited with Google, and it’s all about needing one another. Google gets full access to the Twitter “firehose” of 9,000 odd tweets per second, and Twitter gets to use its natural gift for virality on a much broader global stage. What does this mean for you? Start marketing through Twitter using well-aimed and well-crafted content. It’s about to get awesome.

Google App Indexing

Today, it’s all about mobile. Bottom line? On mobile, search of in-app data just might trump web data. But since the author’s advice to clients is generally to err towards mobile web over apps, this is simply something to keep an eye on.

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