Logo Update, Step by Step

by | Jun 7, 2017

Step 1: Strategy

First thing we do is get to know your company from the inside out. Your logo needs to meet your needs today, and stand as a symbol years into the future. To represent your company’s story, we need to understand it as well as we can.

A crucial tool we use for this is our Strategy Guide. It covers your company history, philosophy, short-term objectives and long-term goals for the future. We also focus on target audience, so we’re reaching the right people. It also marks the “out of bounds” areas to ensure we’re creating a good fit.

Step 2: Logo Concepting

We start with broad concepts, and narrow that down based on client feedback.

See Initial Logo Concepts

Step 3: Logo Concept Refinement

Once a decision is made on concept direction, we have our heading. From here we focus on creating different variations within the given theme.

See Logo Concept Refinement

Step 4: Style Guide

After a final decision on our final logo treatment, we deliver the logo in all necessary image formats and create a brand style guide.

This style guide helps maintain consistency internally and smooths communication with external vendors as well. We show different usages of how the logo will perform in different settings and different sizes. This guide also helps vendors reproduce the logo correctly and consistently across different mediums.

See Logo Usage Guide

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