Three Quick Website Maintenance Tips

by | Jan 15, 2010

As the AVC editor-in-chief and word ninja, it’s my job to take care of all the little details.

Here are three quick tips that can 1) improve user experience and 2) will make it easier for search engines to read your site.

1. Fix dead links or remove them.

After your site’s been around awhile, it’s a good idea to go through and make sure that all the links are still pointing to the right pages. Sometimes you change domains and links get broken. Other times, you may have linked to a news story or a blog post that now no longer exists.

Regardless, people get sent to a 404 error page when they click on it. And that’s no good, right?

Go through and check your links. If you can, fix the link. If you can’t, then remove it entirely.

2. Proofread your copy and fix any mistakes.

Sometimes, little mistakes get through even the tightest of nets. That’s why it can’t hurt to take a little time to reread your copy and make sure everything’s spelled correctly, including employee names and titles. If you need help on whether or not something’s spelled right, check out our spelling and grammar guides.

3. Interlink your pages.

If you mention your services in your blog, link to your services page. If there’s a specific product you mention on your home page, link to your products page. If you have a series of blog posts, make sure that each post links to the entire series.

This practice helps search engines spider your site, and it adds a little bit of link juice. Not to mention it helps visitors navigate your site, since you have all those helpful links right there!

Bonus tip: Update your about page.

Things change in companies (adding people or losing people, been in business for 16 years now instead of 15, etc.), and your about page should reflect those changes. Seriously, when was the last time you updated it?

After the home page, the “about” page is typically the most visited page on your site. People want to know more about your company. Make sure it’s up-to-date!

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